Ennis Montana Adventures

Ennis Montana Adventures
Ennis Montana - The Fly Fishing Capital Of The Western USA

Monday, June 9, 2014

It Was A Great Party!!!

It was a great party at The Jeffers Inn this past weekend!!! ... 1920's style .... such great people ... always a pleasure and an honor to make the fun happen!!! The Ennis Lion's Club does so much for the Ennis community ... Our heartfelt THANKS. Oh ... and all need to thank Willie's Distillery, Inc. for helping to make it "Our Best Party Ever!!!! Willie's helped to create two signature drinks for the fun!!! The "Bee Sting" and the "Montana Big Horn Manhattan" ... SOOOOO GOOOOD!!! THANKS TO ALL AT WILLIE'S!!!! 



Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Beauty

Sometimes we forget how far we have come in 12 years at The Jeffers Inn.!!!  Here is a set of photos that show the back yard ... in reverse so you can see the changes ... WOW.  Time and Nature have done well here!! Bob and I built this waterfall/yard ourselves.  So much work ... and love into it!!! Note the big rock - center right.  It will help you really see the growth of the vegetation. I have nothing but gratitude for the peace of the place ... Home.

Photo June 1, 2014

Photo Summer 2007

Photo Summer 2006 - no waterfall yet

Photo 2005 - so much yet to be done!! Dirt!!

Photo 2002 - the first thing we did once we owned the house: Remodel the only bathroom of the house ... and plant trees.  WOW. They were 5 feet tall in 2002 ... now they are 20+ feet tall!!